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Bromo Midnight Tour (Start from Malang)

Bromo midnight tour start from Malang

Pick up service will be able for any area around Surabaya, estimated need 3h drive to reach Cemara lawang village by passing the freeway and country side. 03:00 Our crew will invite you to ride 4wd vehicle to reach the sunrise spot (Penanjakan 1, Seruni point, Kingkong hill, Love hill etc). From the point of view you will find a magnificent scenery the combination of the caldera, mout Semeru (3.676m asl) and surrounding area.

After enjoying the sunrise next destination is Mount Bromo itself which located in the middle of the caldera with the altitude about 2.329m asl. To reach Bromo’s peak there will two option by walk on easy trek or ride a horse which will save your energy for the next journey.

Mount Bromo is always smoky, and its edges are tinged with sulphur, and between the parking lot to the peak of Bromo you will pass Poten temple (Hindu temple) and then need to hike 245 stair steps then You will see the crater of Bromo at the end of it. On the right corner of the sight there is another inactive volcano called Batok (2440m) where possible to see some vegetations growing on it like fern, acinium (kind of bush that only grow in high altitude) and family of Casuarina (pine tree).

Be sure to bring long warm cloth, and the temperature can drop to between zero and five degrees Celsius in the morning when You start to enjoy the sunrise and it will getting warm when the sun rising while You exploring the Caldera and Bromo volcano itself. At the same time you will meet with local people who make business by selling souvenir or as the horse jockey, even it’s in east Java but they are not Javanese people they called Tenggerese people it was connected with their history when the first they great grand parents came to Bromo area around 15th century, Tengger itself is blend of their great grand parent’s name Roro anteng and Joko Seger. The tenggerese people are Hinduism and according to their own calendar every 14th of Kasodo they always have a big celebration to respect their great grand parents by throwing the rice, fruits, vegetables, flowers and many other things to the crater of Bromo volcano symbolic of pray and grateful to the mountain gods.

08.00 back to the parking for breakfast then preparation for transfer out to Malang.

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